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How to Change the Battery in a Wall Clock

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At home, the wall clock has stopped working, and the battery needs to be replaced.

Let me demonstrate how to replace the battery in your home clock.

Remove the wall clock and flip it around. The battery is visible.

Prepare the same type of battery. This one at home is powered by a size 5 medium battery.

The 7th cell is the thinnest, and the 1st cell is the thickest.

Remove a battery, compare the sizes, and confirm that it fits.

Remove the battery from the clock, making sure to take it from the positive pole; the negative pole card is tight and difficult to remove. Set the old battery aside once it has been removed. Then, replace the battery.

Install a new battery by inserting the negative pole first, followed by the positive pole.

The battery is installed, and the clock resumes normal operation. We must also rotate the clock control valve at this time to adjust the time. Return the clock to its original position after adjusting it to the correct time. A 5 battery can last roughly six months.

To summarize:

  • 1. Remove the clock and make a backup;
  • 2. Prepare for battery replacement;
  • 3. Remove the old battery;
  • 4. Replace the new battery;
  • 5. The clock works normally and adjusts the time;
  • 6. Return the clock to its original position.